Bedtime Routine



Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you, my night time routine, my beauty steps and what I do to have a good night’s sleep. Night routines are very important for the skin and body. Any treatment used will be more effective and deep if performed at night. This is due to skin regeneration, which is faster at night, increasing production of collagen (holds and gives firmness to the skin) and melatonin (slows down the aging process). Equally any cream used will have more effect since our body temperature increases at night and daylight causes the products to have less effect.

  • My night routine starts around 7 pm when I prepare my dinner. I always try to dine early and light so I can digest properly. Also, it helps me with nightmares, which I usually have when I eat heavy. I always try to eat food that contains tryptophan (an essential amino acid to produce neurotransmitters involved in sleep), such as bananas, oats, whole wheat bread, among others. Before I go to bed I always like a spoonful of honey bee that helps me sleep super good.
  • After my dinner, I boost my digestion with yoga exercises. I also meditate. I like to watch series and movies at night so I take this moment for this.
  • After digesting and seeing a few chapters of my favorite series, it’s time to take a shower. I like to go to bed clean and fresh. As I live in a tropical country where the temperatures are hot at all hours, I use cold water. Personally, I love the therapeutic sensation of clean water falling on the skin, as cleaning everything after a long day of stress and pollution. I like to take a shower listening to music so I choose one of my playlist of soft indie.
  • I use my Tea Tree Body Wash from The Body Shop. I love this body wash because it cleans my skin very well and helps prevent breakouts on my back. I like to wash my face when I’m in the shower. I use my Clinique cleansing oil. I do not use makeup, except when I go out and it’s very light. if I used makeup, it’s the first thing I take off when I get home using Micellaire Water by Bioderma and then the cleansing when in the shower.
  • After I showered, I use my Pixi Toner. I love this toner because it is perfect for my skin. I have long pores and this toner helps a lot for people with pores like mine. Then I use my Origins High Potency Night-A- Mins Mineral Enriched Cream. Other times I use facial oil. For my body, I use coconut oil. I love coconut oil; it’s my favorite ingredient and remedy for everything! I finally like to put balm on my lips to keep them always soft and moisturized, so I use Balm Dotcom by Glossier
  • After having finished my beauty rituals, it’s time to go to bed! I like to sleep in my underwear. I sleep better this way. On winter, I wear my favorite silk pajamas from Victoria Secret or if it is too cold I use my Ralph Lauren nightgown because it is very comfortable and warm. I usually light aromatic candles from Bath and Body because I love candles, especially from that store. Also, when I change the sheets of my bed I like to spray them perfume for a super good sleep. Before sleeping I read one or two chapters of the book I’m reading (I’m always reading!) I accompany the reading with a playlist that I create to sleep. if you are looking for a playlist, I recommend the music of East Forest, which is incredible to sleep. When I am tired enough, I turn off all the lights and sleep happily.
  • Something very important and that we always must consider is where we put our cute body to rest. No matter how many rituals before bed we do if we do not feel comfortable in our bed, we will not get a good restful sleep. It is very important to choose our mattress as we choose our shoes, Comfortable and bespoke as if made especially for us. Our mattress will last a long time with us so should be perfect. If you are looking for a mattress or yours needs to be changed, Leesa has very good mattresses for you, I am sure you will find the ideal one.

I hope you liked this post, in an upcoming post I will tell you about my deep beauty routine since I only told you what I do on a normal day. I also want to share with you, my bedtime playlist. What do you say about that?




5 Canales De Youtube Para Hacer Yoga En Español

Pienso que YouTube ha sido una de las mejores herramientas que ha existido gracias a lo útil que es, puedes encontrar cualquier cosa que sea de tú interés, en mi caso cuando me interese por la práctica del yoga hace 4 años atrás, una de las primeras cosas que hice fue busca en YouTube y pues encontré con miles de canales de yoga con instructores de diferentes partes del mundo y hoy quiero compartir con ustedes algunos canales de YouTube para hacer yoga en español, anteriormente hice un post The Best 10 Yoga YouTube Channel, con mis canales favoritos en inglés. Esta vez quiero compartir en español ya que, si ni estás muy familiarizado con el idioma o si estas aprendiendo inglés puede llegar a ser difícil comprender algunas palabras de anatomía, o si simplemente te resulta más cómodo ver videos en tu mismo idioma.

Aquí les dejo 5 canales de yoga con muy buenas instructoras que te encantaran, cada una con su manera particular de impartir sus clases y en todos podrás encontrar challenges, tutoriales de cómo hacer una postura específica, prácticas para todos los niveles (principiante, intermedio, avanzado), Vblogs, entre otras. Espero que les guste y comenten que les parece hacer yoga online.




Yoga con Marina Buedo


Yoga Con Lina


Xuan Lan Yoga


Brenda Medina

Tips for taveling with your dog

I’ve been away for a while, but I’m back. I miss you guys. As we can see we are in summer! And who doesn´t love summer? When I hear that word, the first thing that comes to my mind is vacations, the sun, sand or snow, travel and new adventures. Well, for these adventures to be memorable and incredible we need a traveling companion and who better than our furry friend? who is an important member of the family and cannot be left

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Sofi and Lucy


Many times, we feel afraid when we want to travel with our dog because we worry about their well-being. I thank Puppyspot for giving me the idea to create some simple but essential tips to take into consideration when traveling with our dogs.

The first thing we must consider is to take the time to plan everything so you and your dog can have a more relaxed and stress-free ride. It is important to know the personality of our dogs and if they are unstable or stable as this will tell us if the trip will be rewarding. It is important to always encourage the mental stability of our dogs and avoid attacks of stress and anxiety. Also, if you are a person who likes to travel, when it comes to adopting or buying a dog you must train and prepare it so that your puppy will feel comfortable traveling. But, if after having several years with your dog and now you decide to travel, it is clearly more difficult to train, but with several small tests before the big trip he can get used to going out.

By plane

Not everyone likes to travel by plane as it usually causes a lot of stress and anxiety. Well, the same thing happens to our dogs. Before you taking a plane with your dog, you should keep the following in mind:

• You must call the airline and check if your dog can travel or not, since in several countries and airlines some races, sizes, even ages are restricted.

• You must present your dog’s current medical certificate.

• Get a cage that is comfortable for the dog and where there aren’t harmful objects. Before putting it in the cage, it is good that the dog has exercised. This will increase its desires to rest. You should not present the cage as if it were a prison, your dog should enter the cage on its own and then close it. Also, you should avoid using a sad tone of voice as “Mommy will come back soon” as it can make him anxious, to avoid anxiety returns to the cage every 10 or 15 minutes.

• It is better not to medicate your dog. Some airlines do not allow it. Plus you avoid any risk of drug dependence.

• You can carry any object that is familiar and keep him relaxed like his favorite teddy or blanket. You can also give it a massage with essential lavender oil that will keep him relaxed.

By car, beach or walking

• When you are in the car it is better to use a dog safety belt so you can avoid letting him moving around the car or distracting you while driving. you can use a cage as well to avoid that if you brake suddenly he doesn’t hurt himself.

• Always have water, food and poop bags

• If you are getting out of the car, take it with you. Especially in hot days. Even  if you think you can leave your dog with the windows down, this is really a mistake because the car will warm up faster and your dog will dehydrate

• Put a tag with the information of the dog: name, address, and phone. Even better, you can use a microchip so you know where exactly your dog is in case it gets lost.

• If you want to go to the beach, check beforehand on which beaches allow dogs. Some beaches can be fined.

• If you want to know what places are pet-friendly you can use the site or app of Bring Fido, which is excellent if you are looking for hotels, restaurants, activities or events where you can take your dog, and it’s worldwide! Just place your destination and it will show you all the options available.

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I hope you liked this post. I wish you have a wonderful summer with your furry companion. There are no excuses for not to travel with your dog. Leave your comment and tell me where you plan to spend this summer with your dog?

Here I have an infographic with more tips created by PuppySpot. I hope you like it! And be sure to check out their page, you will die of love with all their beautiful puppies for sale!






Book Challenges

Those who know me know that I love books, I am always reading one. Once I finish a book, I start another one, and how not love books? In them you find an entire world of stories, characters, emotions, and feelings; they take you to escape from reality for a moment and take you to places you may have never been, to meet people you would like to meet, to find love or inspiration… Well, there are millions of reasons to love books, and for which I love them, and maybe I will tell them later.

In this post, I want to share with you a challenge that I created especially for me, but if you like books and challenges, it’s also created especially for you. For this challenge, I will read a book related to each category, which is very exciting! I hope you like this post and if you are in the mood, try out the challenge. You can also leave me in the comments which books you would recommend for some of the categories, I will soon share the books I read.

book challenge ingles (1)

Asset 3

Los que me conocen saben que amo los libros, siempre estoy leyendo uno. Desde que termino con un libro, comienzo otro, y es que ¿cómo no amar los libros? En ellos encuentras todo un mundo de historias, personajes, emociones y sentimientos; te lleva a escapar un momento de la realidad y a llevarte de viaje a sitios que talvez nunca has estado, a conocer personajes que desearías conocer, a encontrar amor o inspiración… Bueno, hay millones de razones por las cuales amar los libros, y por las cuales yo los amo, y talvez se las diga más adelante.

En este post quiero compartir con ustedes un challenge que creé especialmente para mí, pero si te gustan los libros y los desafíos, también es creado especialmente para ti. En este leeré un libro relacionado con cada categoría, ¡lo cual es muy emocionante! Espero que te guste este post y si te sientes con ánimo realices el challenge. También puedes dejarme en los comentarios qué libros me recomendarías para algunas de las categorías, pronto compartiré cuales leí.

Copia de book challenge ingles (1)

The Best 10 Yoga Youtube Channels

There is no doubt that YouTube is one of the best tools that exist. It has videos for everything and is especially good in yoga, where we can find many accounts of “yogis” who give free yoga lessons in one click. These videos are perfect if you cannot attend classes in a yoga studio because of lack of time, resources or because you cannot find a studio close to home and you need your practice to be guided. YouTube is perfect for you whether you have 10 minutes or 1 hour to spend.

Here I leave 10 of my favorite YouTube Channel to do yoga at home.

When I decided to start doing yoga I did not know if there were yoga studios in my city. So I looked on YouTube and I found Adriene, a very cheerful girl who became my yoga guru and no doubt she is the yoga queen on YouTube. She dominates all positions and imparts her classes with a lot of motivation and energy that inspires you to put on your mat. She explains each posture, the correct and incorrect way of doing it, how to avoid injuries and helps you find what’s best for you. Her videos cover many themes whether you’re a beginner or athlete, if you’re going through moments of loneliness, broken hearts or need to let go of things that no longer serve you. If you are a beginner she is perfect for you.

Brett has many wonderful classes for beginners and busy people that only last 15 minutes or less. If you are looking to create a routine of yoga, she is perfect. She has many challenges with different themes to follow day after day and make yoga part of your daily routine. She handles the art of meditation and journal meditation and as if it were not enough she also has podcasts!! Where she talks about very interesting topics.

Juliana and Mark are the souls behind boho beautiful, which is not only a yoga channel but a view into this couple lifestyle as free spirits, traveling to incredible places, their vegan diet, plus they share some delicious recipes. Their yoga classes are more for intermediate and advanced yogis.

This channel is for beginners as well as for more advanced yogis and has different programs with various types of yoga like Hatha, Yin, Ashtanga and Vinyasa yoga. In addition to having different challenges, it also has a 90-day program to create healthy yoga habits.

In this channel, you can find a variety of yoga routines ranging from 15 to 30 minutes and special videos that teach you how to do specific positions and how to use yoga as a therapy for mental health problems such as anxiety or insomnia. It also shares tips for beauty and has giveaways.

In this channel, you can find many playlists for all levels whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. If you are an athlete you will also find series of interviews and tutorials for specific body parts or how to do a certain pose. Kassandra also shares vlogs about her lifestyle.

If you are looking to improve your flexibility this channel is the ideal. Adee mixes her skills as a dancer and yoga, making each of her classes very active and energizing. The channel has very good training for splits.

Alo yoga as well as having the most beautiful and comfortable clothes for yoga, you can see their clothes here, also has its own free yoga channel where it promotes the mindful movement with the collaboration of several expert yogis.

Yoga is not just for girls! Tim is a cool guy with many videos that you’re probably going to love with his relaxing and gentle vibe.

This channel has a variety of playlist for each of your needs to relieve stress. Beginners even have a series of yoga for women with cramps, PSM and prenatal. Sarahbeth makes vlogs where she shares her healthy habits and tips.

Gentle Yoga Flow Playlist


8 Toxic Foods For Your Dog

Who is man’s best friend? He definitely has a lot of hair, walks on all fours. He will follow you everywhere, will be happy every time he sees you, and will love you from the first moment he met you until the end. Dogs are man’s best friend for a reason. Even the most loyal human friend we have may disappoint us sometimes. However, the love that a dog gives us is unconditional and pure. They are the perfect companion.

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