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Hi everyone! Today I want to share with you, my night time routine, my beauty steps and what I do to have a good night’s sleep. Night routines are very important for the skin and body. Any treatment used will be more effective and deep if performed at night. This is due to skin regeneration, which is faster at night, increasing production of collagen (holds and gives firmness to the skin) and melatonin (slows down the aging process). Equally any cream used will have more effect since our body temperature increases at night and daylight causes the products to have less effect.

  • My night routine starts around 7 pm when I prepare my dinner. I always try to dine early and light so I can digest properly. Also, it helps me with nightmares, which I usually have when I eat heavy. I always try to eat food that contains tryptophan (an essential amino acid to produce neurotransmitters involved in sleep), such as bananas, oats, whole wheat bread, among others. Before I go to bed I always like a spoonful of honey bee that helps me sleep super good.
  • After my dinner, I boost my digestion with yoga exercises. I also meditate. I like to watch series and movies at night so I take this moment for this.
  • After digesting and seeing a few chapters of my favorite series, it’s time to take a shower. I like to go to bed clean and fresh. As I live in a tropical country where the temperatures are hot at all hours, I use cold water. Personally, I love the therapeutic sensation of clean water falling on the skin, as cleaning everything after a long day of stress and pollution. I like to take a shower listening to music so I choose one of my playlist of soft indie.
  • I use my Tea Tree Body Wash from The Body Shop. I love this body wash because it cleans my skin very well and helps prevent breakouts on my back. I like to wash my face when I’m in the shower. I use my Clinique cleansing oil. I do not use makeup, except when I go out and it’s very light. if I used makeup, it’s the first thing I take off when I get home using Micellaire Water by Bioderma and then the cleansing when in the shower.
  • After I showered, I use my Pixi Toner. I love this toner because it is perfect for my skin. I have long pores and this toner helps a lot for people with pores like mine. Then I use my Origins High Potency Night-A- Mins Mineral Enriched Cream. Other times I use facial oil. For my body, I use coconut oil. I love coconut oil; it’s my favorite ingredient and remedy for everything! I finally like to put balm on my lips to keep them always soft and moisturized, so I use Balm Dotcom by Glossier
  • After having finished my beauty rituals, it’s time to go to bed! I like to sleep in my underwear. I sleep better this way. On winter, I wear my favorite silk pajamas from Victoria Secret or if it is too cold I use my Ralph Lauren nightgown because it is very comfortable and warm. I usually light aromatic candles from Bath and Body because I love candles, especially from that store. Also, when I change the sheets of my bed I like to spray them perfume for a super good sleep. Before sleeping I read one or two chapters of the book I’m reading (I’m always reading!) I accompany the reading with a playlist that I create to sleep. if you are looking for a playlist, I recommend the music of East Forest, which is incredible to sleep. When I am tired enough, I turn off all the lights and sleep happily.
  • Something very important and that we always must consider is where we put our cute body to rest. No matter how many rituals before bed we do if we do not feel comfortable in our bed, we will not get a good restful sleep. It is very important to choose our mattress as we choose our shoes, Comfortable and bespoke as if made especially for us. Our mattress will last a long time with us so should be perfect. If you are looking for a mattress or yours needs to be changed, Leesa has very good mattresses for you, I am sure you will find the ideal one.

I hope you liked this post, in an upcoming post I will tell you about my deep beauty routine since I only told you what I do on a normal day. I also want to share with you, my bedtime playlist. What do you say about that?




Book Challenges

Those who know me know that I love books, I am always reading one. Once I finish a book, I start another one, and how not love books? In them you find an entire world of stories, characters, emotions, and feelings; they take you to escape from reality for a moment and take you to places you may have never been, to meet people you would like to meet, to find love or inspiration… Well, there are millions of reasons to love books, and for which I love them, and maybe I will tell them later.

In this post, I want to share with you a challenge that I created especially for me, but if you like books and challenges, it’s also created especially for you. For this challenge, I will read a book related to each category, which is very exciting! I hope you like this post and if you are in the mood, try out the challenge. You can also leave me in the comments which books you would recommend for some of the categories, I will soon share the books I read.

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Los que me conocen saben que amo los libros, siempre estoy leyendo uno. Desde que termino con un libro, comienzo otro, y es que ¿cómo no amar los libros? En ellos encuentras todo un mundo de historias, personajes, emociones y sentimientos; te lleva a escapar un momento de la realidad y a llevarte de viaje a sitios que talvez nunca has estado, a conocer personajes que desearías conocer, a encontrar amor o inspiración… Bueno, hay millones de razones por las cuales amar los libros, y por las cuales yo los amo, y talvez se las diga más adelante.

En este post quiero compartir con ustedes un challenge que creé especialmente para mí, pero si te gustan los libros y los desafíos, también es creado especialmente para ti. En este leeré un libro relacionado con cada categoría, ¡lo cual es muy emocionante! Espero que te guste este post y si te sientes con ánimo realices el challenge. También puedes dejarme en los comentarios qué libros me recomendarías para algunas de las categorías, pronto compartiré cuales leí.

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Boho Girl

We all have a hobby or activity that we like and do often or at least when we have time. An activity that somehow makes us who we are. I have several and with this blog I intend to show you, teach you or inform you what I know. I do not consider myself a “Topic Guru” because you can never know everything about a theme. Everything is constantly evolving and you always discover new things. The more you learn, the more you realize that you know nothing, as the famous philosopher Socrates said: “I only know that I know nothing.” However, I hope to convey my passion about the topics that I will expose here and inspire you, or at least teach you something that maybe you did not know. Continue reading “Boho Girl”